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Case Study: Dial Industries

Dial Industries is a California based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of unique housewares items for over 50 years.  They specialize in storage and organizational products with applications throughout the home and office.  Dial Industries is proud of the fact that the majority of their products are made in their Los Angeles, CA factory. 

Dial Industries realized they were not getting maximum results from managing their own Amazon Vendor account in-house and engaged with KMB Consulting at the latter end of 2017. KMB quickly provided a complimentary analysis of issues they identified as impacting Dial’s growth potential.
Following their proven processes, KMB made significant catalog improvements to improve both conversion rates and increased relevancy of search terms that improved discoverability of Dial items. 

Once these “building blocks” were in place, KMB used the full range of Amazon’s tools to drive demand. These included Amazon Advertising, A+ content, Direct Fulfilment, promotional deals, Born to Run and Vine programs to name a few. In addition, KMB provided detailed guidance to ensure Dial products became SIOC compliant to avoid operational chargebacks.

While Dial’s Vendor business has continued to grow, KMB has also helped them transition select items to Seller/FBA after completing rigorous profitability analysis. 

“KMB has been an invaluable partner in growing our Amazon business” said John Macho, Vice President of Dial Industries, “We have benefited from their detail orientated approach and expertise born from their previous careers at Amazon.”

Dial Industries:




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Case Study: Cara Incorporated

Cara Incorporated is a manufacturer of health care products ranging from heating pads, ice packs, and cotton gloves.  Cara had been working with Amazon since 2012 and had been using a traditional rep firm to manage the relationship.


With Amazon's business growing so rapidly, Cara understood that they were not maximizing the opportunity. Another company in Health and Personal Care referred them to KMB to analyze their situation and present a plan to accelerate their Amazon sales.


A combination of catalog improvement work, utilizing Amazon's self-service promotions and ongoing Amazon Marketing Service, led to a 95% increase in average monthly sales.  More growth is expected as Cara continues to invest with KMB to  develop A+ content, better images and direct import to further increase profitability. 


"Working with KMB Consulting has been fantastic for our business" stated Gary O'Leary,  owner of Cara Inc,  "Before we were on auto-pilot with Amazon and KMB really helped us focus  on what was possible. We recently met with our Vendor Manager who confirmed our sales increases had far outweighed typical growth in our category."

Cara Inc:




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